MÉRFÖLDKŐ (Milestone)

About the Mérföldkő Rehabilitation Center Association

President of the association: János Szemelyácz, MD, psychiatrist, Expert in Addictology, Psychotherapist
The professional leader of the rehabilitation center: András Kiss, social worker
The team has 10 permanent members: social workers, a physician, psychiatrist, and addicts, who have already been recovered for years

Contact information:

Telephone: : +36-72/498-791,
Cell phone: +36-30/530-49-93
The possibility of having an interview of admission: each Wednesday

Way of operating: boarderlike institute (therapeutic community)
Living accommodation: maximal 16 people
Duration of rehabilitation (maximal): 1 year
Gender: Coeducated
Conditions of getting in: motivation, voluntariness, and we need a written referral from a doctor. Insurance card, and a valid test for HIV, and HCV are compulsory.
Allowance of the service: maximal 30.000 HUF a month, but in many cases, if the social and financial situation of the patient does not allow that amount of money paid, we consider a positive discrimination.


  • Therapeutic community
  • Group therapy
  • Theater therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Work therapy (gardening)
  • Sports
  • Psychodrama
  • Keeping in touch with the self-help organizations: N.A. Pécs, N.A. Budapest, A.A., G.A.
  • Group therapy for the relatives of the patients
  • Legal aid
  • Half-way house
  • Cooperation with the Regional Employment Service for social reintegration (courses, helping to find a job)

The center is coeducated, there is no age limit, no distinction between the patients according to the used substance. The inmates in the „House“ have developed a community, in which the overriding principle is to realize, that they have to rely on each other, because the members of the community so can work the most efficiently, and help each other. The therapeutic community itself keeps an eye on the rules, and if they are kept, which have been developed by themselves. If the rules are broken, there is always a consequence (NOT punishment). It is very important for the program, to help to reintegrate into society; therefore the „Half-way House“ is a basic field of action.


  • Relapse prevention
  • Feelings / emotions
  • Conflict resolution
  • Movie groups
  • Self-assessment groups
  • Community meeting
  • Drug-career group
  • Family group
  • Week remainder group
  • Written tasks
  • Dependence group
  • Women – men groups

To keep in touch with family: after resolving the isolation period (it depends on the patient and the community, when it happens, usually it is between 30 and 60 days), patients can call their relatives, receive packages, meet them after the "Group for relatives".

Rehabilitation Home Pécs-Somogy

Conditions of getting in: long lasting abstinence of legal and illegal substances

Programs for helping social reintegration
Low-cost living
Introduction to 12 step programs (A. A.; N.A.; G. A.; ACA; and so on)
Legal aid

Contact information:

Cell phone of András Kiss: +36 30 530 49 93
Address: Pécs-Somogy Búzakalász u. 44.