Változóház (Changinghause)

The Changinghause (Változóház) of Pécsvárad Rehabilitation Home

Professional leader: Szemelyácz János, MD
Program leader: Attila Kovács
Address: Pécsvárad, Erzsébeti str. 1.
Telephone: +36 (72) 465-307

The program of Changinghause (Változóház):

Minnesota model and therapeutic community model. The goals of recovery program are achieved within the frames of Therapeutic Community, decision making is done by considering both the aspects of the staff and the inmates. The basics of the therapeutic view is the illness-principle, which declares, that both alcoholism and drug addiction are both incurable diseases, but in the program one can learn, how to live constructively with the disease, and how can remain permanently without symptoms.
The therapy is based on the Narcotics Anonymous’ self help community’s 12 steps, which are absolutely, and fully abstinence oriented principles; it shows, how one can develop a new, harmonic, and well-balanced, steady life, without taking any mood-improving substances. Therefore the program suggests to get connected to the Narcotics Anonymous self help community.

To understand the illness-principle is one of the most important elements of the program. It is essential to understand, that addiction is a chronic, progressive, incurable and fatal disease. To accept, that recovery is a lifelong lasting program, because one possible substance use can cause tragic consequences. To get connected to the Narcotics Anonymous self help community is already possible during therapy; together with the knowledge gained and shared with each other about problem solving at the House can enable together to build the bases of a new life.

You can have a possibility of having an interview of admission by writing a letter, calling on the phone, or just show up on each Thursday from 10:00-12:00 at the Drug Treatment Outpatient Unit in Pécs (Address: 7623, Pécs, Szendrey J Str. 6). The interviews are led by inmates, who already are experienced in recovery, therefore at the interview it will become clear, if the person applying is really ready and determined for a change.

If needed, before entering the treatment a detoxification supervised by a physician, mostly in hospital is done. We have no medicaments at the House. We accept applicants from the whole of the country, who think, that they have problems with substance abuse, and they want to change it. At the present moment we can have 19 inmates at the same time, but we are working on expanding to 24 places.

Allowance of the service: maximal 12.000 HUF a month, but in many cases, if the social and financial situation of the patient does not allow that amount of money paid, we consider a positive discrimination.

We have a half-way house, and „safe working place“, which is a separate part of the Változóház. Those, first of all young people, who finished therapy successfully can apply, and receive a low-cost living and a safe place to work, until they can establish their new life. As the name shows, it is helping with the transition from the rehab to the „real life“. First of all inmates with difficult social circumstances, or young inmates, whose return to the previous environment would endanger their sobriety, and the ones the community decides can get the chance.