Outreach work, street social work

The INDIT Foundation carries out outreach work, and street social work since the summer of 2004. Our area of operation is the region around Pécs.

Our main task is:

Social work done among homeless (first of all substance users) people
To search, and find homeless people using first of all organic solvents and alcohol, and delegate them to the proper institutes, to get help (outreach work)
Giving objective information on the effects of legal and illegal substances; on legal consequences,
During winter time providing warm tea, giving out blankets, and basic food, ways of harm reduction
Helping with social administration, consulting (psycho-social interventions)
Sometimes, in cooperation with the other institutes of INDIT Foundation, we do street work among young substance users, or by the youth potentially endangered for substance use
As a harm reduction on community base we search for used needles, which are used, and thrown away in public places, we collect them, and as a dangerous hazard they will be destroyed. IF YOU FIND NEEDLES AND SURINGES ON PUBLIC PLACES, DON’T HESITATE, TO CALL US!

Supplementary tasks

Social work (street-work) done among prostitutes
Searching and finding prostitutes working on the streets and public places, if needed to help to get proper medical and social help, delegating them to screening for sexually transmitted diseases (HIV, HCV, and so on)
Giving objective information
Providing utensils for health restoration (condoms, cleaning tissues – harm reduction)
Helping with social administration, consulting (psycho-social interventions)

We are grateful, and accept donations for the winter time providing warm tea, giving out blankets, and basic food :

Tinned food
Cookies, biscuits, zwieback
Tea in filters

Our team:

Zsolt Máté, social worker, community organizer, consultant for addictology, professional leader
Katalin Fehér, social worker, consultant for addictology
Judit Tóth, social worker
Zsolt Koroknai, social worker

Contact information:

Telephone: +36 (72) 515-260
Cell phone: +36-30-632-2029
Fax: +36 (72) 515-261
E-mail: utcai@indit.hu