Party Bus

This campaign is realized with the help of the partners of the “Forum for the Safer Nightlife of Pécs”.

Founding partners are the Government of Pécs, the TÜKE Bus Zrt., the INDIT Foundation and five nightclubs joining the project at its initiation.

The project’s aim is to unite the above-mentioned institutions and services by a universal approach, thus making it possible for them to help make the nightlife of Pécs safer and more livable. The planned programs are mainly the alignments of already existing services. First of all, our goal is to start a night bus called the “party bus”, which will run between the above-mentioned nightclubs and the various student hostels, also stopping at the more important junctions of Pécs.

The need for these buses is proven by a previous study, but the concrete schedule and route of the bus will be determined by the end of the test period, by the end of March. By that time, the co-workers of the Party Service will conduct a study among the passengers of the bus, making sure that the route and schedule of the bus is in accordance with their needs. The buses will ride 6 days of the week, and the passengers’ safety is ensured by security people provided by the nightclubs. During the test period, the party bus can be
freely used if you are in possession of an all-round or student pass. We later plan to supplement this with
the use of the TÜKE card.

The “Forum for the Safer Nightlife of Pécs” has another planned project: to realize the “Safe Nightclub” label and quality assurance system. Seen in this approach, the party culture is a part of the youth culture, so the nightclubs have to be regarded as cultural institutions. The “Safe Nightclub” label can be obtained by those nightclubs that participate in a several-day training, which is followed by a three-month quality-based audit. If the professional forum (the Drug-related Conciliatory Forum – the KEF) finds that the nightclub has fulfilled all requirements, it can receive the “Safe Nightclub” label. The nightclubs then promise to fulfill the quality requirements, which the KEF will regularly inspect. If it finds anything wanting in this respect, it can retract the label.

We would like it if more nightclubs would join this venture, and are open to any contacts from them regarding this project