Education / Training

The INDIT Foundation opened the „Füge “ regional education and coordinating center for deviation prevention on the 7. th of November 2006. One of our main aims is to organize trainings – first of all practical - for the workers of our associate professions, who get in touch with people having difficulties wit addictive behavior (legal and illegal substance abuse, dependence, gambling, and so on), and that the communication and cooperation between the different institutes and professionals develops. In our program we consider the special problem situations occurring in our associate professions. These may be:

  • Family violence and substance abuse
  • Appearance of new substances, and new methods of abuse
  • Legal aspects of substance abuse
  • Factors of risks
  • The development of „Drug career “
  • The development and unicity of Hungarian service providing system
  • Appearance of new ways of treatment
  • Attitudes towards drugs and substance users
  • Particularities of substance use by populations of different age, and social status
  • The possible scenes and methods of drug prevention
  • The terminologies and different types of diversion, and the three possibilities
  • Programs for the community
  • Self help programs
  • Harm reduction
  • Possibilities and services for the reintegration
  • The particularity of inland labor market in the point of view of substance users
  • The possibilities of social networks and the scenes of cooperation
  • Giving authentic information on chemical, physical and mental harms caused substance abuse


If interested, you can get more information by the following ways:

"Füge" regional education and coordinating center for deviation prevention
7624 Pécs, Hungária str. 5.
Tel./Fax: +36 (72) 515-260



The coordinator of training, professional leader
Zita Dombrádi

Tel: (72) 515-261 fax: +36 (72) 515-260