Party Aid Service Pécs


The Party Aid Service is a program, which continuously operates since 2000 as a part of INDIT Foundation. During the last 10 years our service managed to become a partner with numerous places of amusement in, and around the city Pécs. We have been present for years at the festivals organized in, or around Pécs; these are for example: Rock Marathon, Fishing on Orfű, DJ Festival, and other smaller, let’s say underground festivals.

Preventive and harm reduction programs in the club scene need to run essentially on a low - threshold level. Their aim is to promote safer ways of entertainment; to prevent or reduce the harms of drug abuse; and in some cases to provide education that can be useful in many aspects for keeping the physical and mental health of youth in the club scene.

At parties, where mainly electronic music is present, harm reduction (for both legal and illegal substances) and maintaining a safe environment for long time dancing is in the foreground. At discos and pubs education and counselling through informal talk gain more importance; while at festivals both methods can be beneficial.

The comprehensive knowledge of the scene is inevitable for the development and efficient sustainment of the service. It is important to use the “best practices” of field-work, but it is essential to adjust them to local needs.

The abuse of psychoactive substances in the club scene is a complex phenomena – great differences can be observed within a city, or even between two nights of the same club; therefore we try to present general guidelines and practices in order to help services to give the most effective answer to a problem.

We mainly offer the following services (depending on the demand of the place):

Provide objective information - that can be useful in many aspects for keeping the physical and mental health of youth in the club scene - about the effects and side effects of different kinds of substances
Different aspect of dependence; legal and illegal substances, addictive behavior
Harm reduction (giving water, condoms, candies, vitamin C, magnesium)
Information about legal aspects, legal aid

At the present time we are present 12 times a month in different places in Pécs:

VIP Klub / every Friday, and on the After as well!
Mediterrán Klub / every Saturday
Zion / two times a month
Inferno / two times a month

Contact information:

Attila Hegedűs coordinator, professional leader
Cell phone: +36/70-257-31-06

Our team:

Attila Hegedűs: psychologist, professional leader
Katinka Fehér: social worker, consultant for addictology
Emma Propszt: social worker
Judit Tóth: social worker
Adél Metzger: sociologist
Ildikó Csizmadia: social worker trainee
Réka Balogh: psychologist