Party Aid Service, Kaposvár

Party Aid Service, Kaposvár


We are present with this preventive and harm reduction outreach program monthly 3 times at local pubs and party places, where both legal and illegal substance use is present.
We go to the following places:


  • ANGUS Music Pub
  • ALFA Club
  • POGO Center
  • P21 Club
  • Party places around the Lake Balaton (during summer)

The members of our team offer helping conversations for the people, who voluntarily, and anonymously can take the chance, to talk about substance use, in some cases crisis intervention, or delegation to helping institutes.

To achieve these goals, we use the following methods:

Provide objective information - that can be useful in many aspects for keeping the physical and mental health of youth in the club scene - about the effects and side effects of different kinds of substances

  • Different aspect of dependence; legal and illegal substances, addictive behavior
  • Crisis-intervention
  • Harm reduction (giving water, condoms, candies, vitamin C, magnesium)
  • Giving information on other social and medical institutes, who offer help; cooperation with other social, medical, and rehabilitation institute
  • Information about legal aspects, legal aid

Our Team:

Éva Katona – youth helper
Judit Kovács – social helper
László Pór - social helper
Ildikó Vörös – mental hygiene expert
Róbert Wolf - social helper

Contact information

Judit Kovács – Telephone: +36 82/511-634