About the INDIT Foundation

The INDIT (Integrated Drug Therapy) Foundation started operating after the general assembly of the local government of country Baranya granted the base document 347/1997. (XII.15) on the 15th of December.

The foundation carries out its actual function since 01.01.1999.
The base document of the foundation was last modified by the general assembly of the local government of country Baranya on 28.03.2000 by the order 47/2000.(III. 28.)

The foundation has been operating with the present leadership since 28.03.2000.
The role of media is enormous by the handling of drug-problems, therefore we try to be present in the different media.


We offer a practical training place for the students of the departments of social policy, social work, and psychology of the University of Pécs; for the students of the University of Medicine; for students learning consultation for addictology at the Semmelweis Medical University; for the students of social work at the Illyés Gyula Academy, and for those studying „mental hygiene “.
We give theoretical education at the University of Pécs, at the Semmelweis Medical University and the Károly Gáspár Calvinist University in Budapest. We contributed to the development of the syllabus, and give practical and theoretical education for the Psychologists specified in addictology.


We regularly train laic helpers, and we organize trainings for professionals working in the fields of education, healthcare, and social work.
We have trained several professionals who take part in drug prevention in schools, and for the outreach work of our Party Service.
By the time our foundation is still running the first training for Theater Therapy; the trainers are: Georges Baal, Merényi Márta, Mózes Sándor, Szili Katalin.

Inland and International relations

Our institutes are members of the Hungarian Association of Addictology, of the Hungarian Association of Harm-Reduction, of the Professional association of drug Outpatient Units, and the Hungarian Association Drug Therapy, at the Drug Prevention and Anti-drug work-group. We keep a close relationship with the Rehabilitation Center of Deszk, and the ones in the Baranya region, with the Hungarian and international self-help groups (A.A., N.A., G.A.)

We contribute to the research, program development, and protocol elaborating work with the following institutes: Hungarian Academy of Sciences, National Drug Prevention Institute, National Institute for Addictology, and Hungarian Association of Addictology.

In the last few years Bob Shark (USA) and Marc Reisinger (Belgium) has visited our organization, in order to help to develop our Methadone program. We had the opportunity several times to have Dr. Robert Lefever visits, and give presentations at our Foundation.
We managed to organize a workshop held by Judith Landau (USA), at which she presented the method called „Arise “, which is a method for motivating addicts enter treatment.

Service of legal aid

This service is available since 1998 at our Drug Treatment Outpatient Unit; yearly approximately 150 people use this opportunity. The service is aimed first of all for the addicts with disadvantages. The initiative was supported by the Soros Foundation (1023 Budapest, II. ker., Bólyay u. 14., Tel.: 00 36 1-315-03-15), at the present time our own lawyer carries out the task.

„Day of passion “, Harm Reduction Festival

We have organized 14 times „Harm Reduction Festivals “ in Pécs, with the aim of having the possibility of cultured entertainment (showing movies about drugs, professional roundtable talk, concerts, public meetings, and workshops for the arts) for the youth, and to give objective informations about the different substances and addictive behavior in an informal way. The locations were Pécs’s popular places for the youth: Urania Cinema Pécs, Cultural center of Pécs, The Laboratory at the Zsolnai industry, and the party place called ZION. There are approximately 800 young people present at each festival, and attendance is always free. Our Party Service, and the Youth Office „Alternatíva “ is always present, we hand out hundreds of condoms and information sheets on drugs, and there is a possibility to have more in depth, but still informal conversations not only about drug issues, but other topics concerning the problems of young people.
The projects are organized and run by the Drug-Prevention Work-group Association, and the INDIT Foundation.