The dependence caused by legal and illegal substances as well as behavioral addictions are both considered a progressive illness. These destroy the body, mind and emotional well-being by almost everybody they capture.

Our foundation is offering a complex solution considering the multiplicity of the problem of addiction; from prevention (direct and indirect) through outpatient treatment, rehabilitation and re-socialization, always considering the aspects of harm reduction and the philosophy of sober culture.

We try to give the most efficient help for those who come to us, but we never lose the sight of the ulterior aim of helping to develop their practical skills and coping abilities, to motivate them to build, or rebuild a healthy, relationship based and sober life.

At the development of our programs we highly respect the personal needs and possibilities. Our overriding principle is to respect human dignity, to help those in need, and secrecy. It is voluntary to take part in the programs, and if needed we offer anonymity.


Szemelyácz János, MD
Head of advisory Board
Professional leader