Equator Low-threshold Service for Addicts

The “Equator”, as the INDIT Foundation’s youngest institution, has been functioning as a low threshold unit for addicts since May 2012 in the city of Baja. The goal of the program is to help anybody that comes into contact with the problem of addiction. (Including drug and alcohol problems, as well as behavioral addiction.) The services can be used by individuals and families dealing with addiction problems, as well as their relatives and acquaintances. Every service is free, and can be obtained on a voluntary, anonym basis.


The “Equator” Low-threshold Service for Addicts provides mainly the following services:

  • information about the dangers of drug use and the effects of the various substances
  • street outreach work
  • harm reducing (reducing the individual and social risk of substance use)
  • “party service” (at party settings, youth festivals)
  • crisis intervention
  • individual consultation, supporting talks
  • family consultation
  • social administration
  • school prevention
  • peer support training
  • community programs
  • cooperation with other institutions, delegation

Opening hours / client reception

Monday: 10:00-16:00
Wednesday: 10:00-16:00 (appointment should be made in advance: +3630/632-2029)
Friday: 10:00-16:00 (appointment should be made in advance +3630/632-2029)
Cooperating partners:
Eötvös József University of Baja


Zsolt Koroknai: Social worker
Edina Mecskei: Social worker
Enikő Evelin Szabó: Social worker

You can reach us at:

E-mail: egyenlitobaja@gmail.com
Tel.: 0630/632-2029
Address: 6500 Baja, Deszkás utca 2.