The "TÉR" community service has started operating in 2008 within the frames of INDIT Foundation. It is located around the „Square of Heros (Hősők tere)“, which is one of the most segregated areas of Pécs, and the institute is located at the center of this very underdeveloped area, in the Gorkij street. ‚TÉR‘ has a double meaning in Hungarian as well: it means the square, but it also means a space, where you can be. Our clients are mostly from that area, where besides deep poverty, street violance and permanent unemployment heavy substance abuse (mostly alcohol and organic solvents) are present. Our center works on a low-threshold level, and our programs lay a great emphasis on communal social work, and prevention.

The "TÉR" communal service offers first of all the following services:

  • Helping with social administration
  • Personal case-handling, consulting of addictology, guidance for life strategies
  • Handling familiar and relationship problems
  • Helping to find habitat/ place for living
  • Helping job search by providing newspaper, and specific paper on advertising jobs; helping to write a proper C.V.
  • Giving objective information on the effects of legal and illegal substances; on the legal consequences, ways of harm reduction; with the client involved as well as with their family members
  • Helping and giving support in crisis situations
  • Giving information on other social institutes, who offer help; cooperation with other social, medical, and rehabilitation institute
  • Free use of computer and internet (especially for reading e-mails, searching for a job, read the news)
  • Organizing free-time, and cultural programs for the community

In our projects for youth we are organizing free-time, and cultural programs (offering drum tutorials, different kinds of sports, excursions, hikes), club-occasions for the local 12-24 aged youth.

We give a high priority to the anti-segregation of the area, therefore we organize numerous cultural programs, and take part in social policy initiative, which specifically aim the development and strengthening of the local community, through which it may restores its formal prestige.

Opening hours:
Monday: 9:00-17:00
Tuesday: 12:00-16:00
Thursday: 9:00-18:00

Club-occasions for the local 12-24 aged youth.
Monday: 14:00-17:00
Thursday: 15:00-18:00


Our team:

Zsolt Máté, social worker, community organizer, consultant for addictology, professional leader
Katalin Fehér, social worker, consultant for addictology
András Szabó, sociologist
Judit Tóth, social worker

Team members for the youth club:

Diána Sátori, teacher of visual arts
Zsolt Koroknai, social worker trainee
Bálint Székely, social worker trainee
Ágota Vida, social worker trainee


Contact information

Telephone: +36 (72) 538-037
Cell phone: +36-30-463-5791
Fax: +36 (72) 538-038
Address: 7628 Pécs, Gorkij str.1.




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