Day care center for addicts

Our aim is to help clients and families who get involved with drugs and „inhalants”, and they consider it a problem. Our services are open for recovering (previously using legal and illegal substances) clients as well. We try to offer services, which contribute to harm reduction on the personal and on the society level. Our services are free of charge. To enter some of our services, abstinence is not compulsory.

The services available at our center can be split into two different types:

The center works on a low-threshold level, and as a „Drop-in” center. (Monday-Friday 9:00-12:00)

If you feel, that you don’t want, or you cannot change your substance use; and our center has raised your attention, don’t hesitate to contact us! There are no obligations, you don’t have to commit yourself to anything, just DROP IN!

  • Giving objective information on the effects of legal and illegal substances; on legal and health related consequences, ways of harm reduction
  • Watching movies (only the ones, we have at our center)
  • Playing games, like cards (not involving money), table soccer, board games, chess
  • A chance just to relax, or talk a bit
  • Giving information on education and trainings available, helping with job searches
  • Helping job search by providing newspaper, and specific paper on advertising jobs; helping to write a proper C.V.
  • Organizing free-time, and cultural programs
  • Appeasment of some of the basic needs: food (basic, cold) – dayly on fixed times, possibility to hydrate (drink non alcoholic fluids, like water, tee, sometimes coffee) during the whole opening hours; possibility to take a shower, and washing clothes.
  • Helping with social administration

Consulting Center:

  • Preliminary status assessment
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Individual case-handling/consulting of addictology/ family consulting
  • Group sessions (for kids aged between14-18; for recovering addicts; for relatives, and so on)
  • Crisis intervention
  • If not under the influence of any substances, there is a possibility to use the telephone and the internet to call for applying for a job, for trying to rent a flat, or about different possibilities for therapy.
  • Free use of computer and internet (especially for reading e-mails, searching for a job, read the news)
  • Giving information on other social and therapy institutes, who offer help
  • Relapse prevention
  • Dealing with the topic „slipping”

Other services:

  • Free service of legal aids
  • Prevention and information on AIDS, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis
  • Needle exchange program, giving condoms