Social work in schools

The INDIT Foundation carries out social work in schools (high-schools and secondary schools) since September of 2006 . Our area of operation is the region around Pécs.

In our programs our social workers offer help directly at the schools for the students, their parents, and for the whole community of the school.

The general aims of the programs are, that the students who use our service develop their coping skills, and problem solving abilities; to reach positive changes in their lives; and furthermore that the occurrence of different kinds of deviant behavior within the whole community of the school moderates; and the holding ability of the school community increases.

The school social workers are acting at the cooperating schools, but they are not employed by the school, or other national authorities; they are members of the staff of the INDIT Foundation (this is called the Modell of Pécs). This gives more autonomy for the social workers, and the pressure by the school lessens.

Services offered by the school social workers:

Individual case management and consultation

  • Consulting, and giving advice to the students in difficult life situations inside and outside school
  • Giving advices in student – teacher conflicts
    Consulting, and giving advice about choosing a profession, or leaving school
  • Consulting, and giving advice for parents to help to resolve the difficulties their children have at school, or helping the better handling of the kids at home
  • Delegation of children and their parents to special institutions offering help (child welfare organizations, pedagogic advisory services, family-help, drug treatment outpatient unit, child psychologist, family therapy, labor office, and so on)
  • Helping with social administration, consulting on applications
  • Consulting and mediating between child and parents
  • Participate in a teacher - parent consultation

Group work:

  • Social group work in mixed and specific groups
  • Supporting class-communities with different group-methods
  • Seminars for students in various topics
  • Groups for choosing a profession

Community social work:

  • Cooperation with the student-government
  • Cooperation with the local youth-help organizations
  • Cooperation with the parent-Workgroup
  • Introducing and organizing different ways of communication for the students (student-teahouse, movie-club)
  • Organizing free-time programs for students, and helping them to support each other
  • Taking part in the school excursions, in class excursions, in different projects and „pedagogic days“
  • Organizing information exchange opportunities for teachers

Our team

Zsolt Máté, social worker, community organizer, consultant for addictology, professional advisor
Tímea Gergál, coordinator of the program, supervisor
Ágnes Nagy, school social worker
Emma Propszt, school social worker
Szilvia Kissné Heinrich, school social worker