Alternatíva (Alternative) youth office

The „Alternatíva” is a place at a shopping mall, where You can relax, chat, read, have a tea, watch a movie, take part in group sessions, play board games, so You can basically do everything, that the basic rules of „Alternatíva” allow, but You are not forced to do any of these, if You don\'t want to. We offer programs for kids between the age 12-24.

The Alternatíva (Alternative) youth office in Pécs has opened its doors in October, 2005 – and it was the firs „shopping mole program” in the country – which is offering young people lingering around in shopping moles free-time and cultural programs, besides help to resolve the relationship, communication, life-handling and other problems this particular age group experiences. They can talk about stress, substance use, sex, family violance, other problems at school, or at home, and so on, with our co-workers, young social workers, and a young psychologist.

All the preventive and psycho-social support, and free-time programs can be used for free!

Our services:

  • Tea-house
  • Information services for the youth
  • Free use of internet
  • Individual consulting
  • Group sessions
  • Movie-club
  • Free-time activities (playing board games, cards, „reading corner”)

Opening hours:

Monday-Saturday: 13:30-19:30
Sunday: 11:00-17:00

Our staff:

Zsolt Máté, social worker, community organizer, consultant for addictology, professional leader
András Kovács, social worker
Tímea Nagy, social worker
Ildikó Csizmadia, social worker trainee
Katalin Néczin, health-promotion and mental hygiene expert
András Szabó, sociologist
Judit Tóth, social worker
Zoltán Kispéter, sociologist
Marcell Fuderer, social worker
Klaudia Bán, psychologist
Mária Laura Sellyei, social worker trainee

Contact information:

Cell phone: +36-30-530-9290

Address: Bajcsy-Zsilinszky str. 9.
Új Forrás Üzletház deep-floor (Beside Árkád)

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